The best part of waking up... not Folgers in my cup.

It's that I'm up!

I've learned how to find a fullness in the very awareness of my day. From my alarm clock sounding before my eyes have opened to my eyes adjusting to the morning sun. From the initiating breath I take before pushing out of bed against gravity to my feet hitting the ground and my body turning on to support me. From my morning ritual focused on inner work and satiating my fundamental needs to reviewing my agenda for the day...and on and on and on.

If you can't get to a YES within the first moments of your day, don't be surprised when you can't find it by the end of the day either.

Otherwise, you'll place expectations on everything outside of you (the way your clothes fit, the weather, how many likes your last status update got, how quickly your text is responded to, how many calories you burned, etc.) and everyone to fulfill you and it'll just be one disappointment after another.

By the end of the day, you'll need to have a glass of wine to take the edge off, binge-watch reality TV to avoid processing dull, uncomfortable feelings, smoke a cigarette to calm your nerves, watch porn for a cheap thrill and blame everyone for your unhappiness.

This may seem harsh, and it's not near as sharp as the levels of anxiety, depression, shame, guilt and fear my clients have reported battling their entire life because they believe joy is extrinsic to them.

Brene Brown, in her Netflix special, the Call to Courage, said comfort is not an option when it comes to facilitating difficult conversations, such as these.

It's worth investing the time to contemplate the stories you tell yourself about what you think you need to be happy.

Seriously! Your struggles are the result of narratives manufactured by your ego, nothing more than a construct of your cognition.

Once you see that, you can begin the process of deconstructing these frameworks and surrender them so you can bask in the peaceful, loving joy that surrounds you.

This is awareness that leads to an awakening, an absolute shift in your paradigms and consciousness; something sticking to your diet, working out regularly and completing your to-do list can and will never do for you.

The only thing required is an intent to access the present moment, a willingness to sit with anxious emotions that'll try to thrust you into busywork and enough silence for the fullness to be discovered.

I hope this post is more than something you simply read and like. I hope you share it and I'd really love to hear what you discover, best wishes ;-)

In the event you don't know what Folgers is:

"Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others." Jonathon Swift

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