Confusing the world within you...

...with the world around you.

The world within you is called your inner world (identity, beliefs, perceptions, emotionality, etc.).

The world around you is called the outer world (status, routine, belongings, physicality, etc.).

No one has ever once asked me to help them heal their inner world.

I'm only consulted when things in one's outer world and disordered, chaotic, and out of balance.

What they often don't realize is the world around them is a projection and reflection of the world within them.

Your past experiences of shame, abandonment, and betrayal are predictably manifesting themselves in protective ways all around you: smoking, drinking, emotional eating, binge-watching, hollering, lusting, envying, controlling, manipulating, criticizing, judging, excluding, and the list goes on.

The initial request often sounds like: "I want to stop behaving in these ways."

To which my response is: "Do you know why you're behaving in these ways?"

And the answer is often NO.

If you don't' understand why you're behaving the way you are, you have little chance of sustainably and joyously resolving those behaviors.


The key is in developing a thought process, which always begins with asking yourself questions...

  • What emotions am I being driven by?

  • What are the stories I'm telling myself?

  • Who do I think I am?

The answer to these questions is the basis for all expressions of behavior as they all lead you towards understanding your inner world.

Once you "get it," really get it, then it'll make sense, and then, and only then, the behavior will no longer make sense, and you'll stop participating in the problem.

"The best vision is insight." Malcolm Forbes



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