Closing the loop to free up resources

While people hire me to help them relieve symptoms, such as: weight gain, low energy, discomfort, poor posture, etc., I've come to learn that physical manifestations are rarely the result of physical imbalances.

The imbalances are often at the level of cognition and emotion.

Nonetheless, the goal is to help them restore balance their MindBodySpirit®, which invariably resolves their symptoms as well.

Because we live in a performance-based culture, people are always convinced they have to do MORE in order to reach their goals and this is almost never the case.

It's often about doing less and it's always about doing what's right.

One pattern I've observed in most people's lives is they have so many unfinished tasks--things they've started and never finished.

This is referred to as an open loop, which consumes a tremendous amount of that could be used to heal the body of its ailments.

Rather than tell someone they need to diet and exercise to reach their goals, which only places a greater demand upon them, I get them focused on closing the loop and finishing unfinished business.

Without surprise, as they start following through, they liberate an incredible amount of energy (some even refer to it as youthful) which frees up a significant amount of resources.

While everyone responds a little differently to newfound energy, everyone moves towards LOVE as they become a little more patient, kind, gentle, responsive and empathic.

Identify one open loop in your life and close it this weekend--I'd love to hear about it.

Make it a great day!

"A lack of resources are never the reason one fails, it's their lack of resourcefulness." Tony Robbins



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