Changing the shape of change

Until we get the "shape" of change right, we'll never get change right.

Change is often thought of as a pyramid: top-down, all-or-none, right-or-wrong, good-or-bad, judgmental, fearful, critical, legalistic, dogmatic, rigid, certain, difficult and defining and is often absent of dynamism and bliss.

If this is what change looks and feels like, it's no wonder we can't fall in love with the process.

I know I'm not telling you anything new when I say change is a repetitive sequence of rising and falling, getting it and losing it and pushing and pulling and even getting lost from time to time.

Change, as I see it, is more circular in nature, it's a flow, it doesn't seek a defined end, it's peaceful, content, flexible, adaptable, inclusive, inspired, whole, balanced, unknowable and honorable and finds its' joy in the journey.

Once the process of change (Desire-->Effort-->Failing-->Rising) are all seen as part of one, continuous (circular) process of learning, growth, wisdom, evolution, and transformation, you will finally enjoy, feel rewarded by and sustain the journey.

"What is art but a way of seeing?" Saul Bellow



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