Changing in ways that work

Behavior change is often thought of as a change in direction.

More specifically, a sudden, abrupt, and aggressive change of direction.

Which is why it never works!

Consider yourself running full speed and then deciding to change course.

You can't stop on a dime and swiftly redirect your energy.

No, the first thing you'd have to do is slow down before pursuing a new path.

The physics of behavior change is the same as running; you have to reduce speed before changing direction.

Shifting your approach from behavior change, which begins on a Monday to behavior slowing down, which starts with awareness, reflects the nature of change and positions you for success.

Instead of completely stopping behaving in a particular way, it's more effective to continue allowing yourself to engage the behavior while introducing a contemplative process that helps you explore why you're doing what you're doing.

Observing the behavior is fundamentally different than merely engaging the behavior.

This approach does not satisfy the all-or-none mentality; however, it respects the evolutionary process of change.

Attempting to change the behavior before understanding is unlikely to create your desired change.

Once you comprehend the drivers behind your behavior, you can begin pursuing constructive alternatives.

"It's better to go slow in the right direction than to go fast in the wrong direction." Simon Sinek



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