Can't see her own beauty, yet

I have a beautiful client that's experiencing so much pain because she's fundamentally confused her self-image for her self-worth.

Unfortunately and unintentionally, she's allowing her identity to be defined by the painful experiences of her past.

And because of it, she's triggering the same emotions associated with those encounters, over and again.

From this space, it's incredibly difficult to see what's good about yourself and what makes you a whole person.

I reassured her I wasn't feeling for her, as much as I was feeling with her; allowing myself to stand in solidarity with her suffering.

My hope is to help her rediscover who she was prior to her wounds, and there she'll find deep love, healing, forgiveness, compassion, and a total restoration of MindBodySpirit®.

"Empathy is communicating that incredibly healing message of, you're not alone." Brene Brown



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