Breakthroughs are an evolution

A revolution is defined as a powerful change that takes place in a short period of time, while an evolution is defined as a gradual development from one form to another. A revolution, of course, is how we want change to occur, and nothing will ever alter the fact that transformation ALWAYS plays out as an evolution, one decision at a time. You can observe all the revolutions that have taken place in history, and NONE of them happened overnight, and all of them built up slowly over time until they reached a tipping point. I had a client tell me our last session was his favorite because of the breakthrough he encountered, able to see himself in a new light. He was in awe of the revolution! I told him that session was no more important or significant than the five that led up to it, and that each session was a breakthrough in the making, a perfect evolution.

"Some call it evolution, and others call it God." Charles Darwin Join me this evening @ 7 pm EST for a special webinar: How to Elevate your Ceilings of Abundance You're going along perfectly, doing everything you said you were going to do, AND THEN, you fall off track and start self-sabotaging all of your progress. Why do we do this to ourselves? Interestingly, this is learned behavior. During our formative years, we're taught how much abundance we're worthy of receiving, and when we cross that threshold, we feel unsafe and return to known misery. I'll teach you how to raise your Ceilings of Abundance so that you can live the life you want to live. Register HERE



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