Being precedes healing

Less than 3 months ago, I began working with someone who came to me frustrated, depressed, and hopeless.

I very quickly noticed she placed incredible amounts of pressure on herself to perform and was her biggest critic when she fell short of perfection.

Sure enough, a few pointed questioned helped me understand the source of her pain; she had been rejected by both parents, claiming she was neither smart or creative enough to pursue her dreams.

Before we could do anything constructive, I needed to mirror her goodness and help her find the YES within herself.

Once we put her worthiness issue in its rightful place, a few simple insights have been instrumental in her healing...

  • I asked her to not intend to change anything over the next 6 months and simply act as an observer of her life

  • I gave her permission to only do things she felt like she wanted to do and not do things she didn't want to do

  • Perform a healing meditation focused on recontextualizing painful experiences from her past

Less than 90 days later, she has...

  • Created healthy boundaries through a spirit of self-respect, guarding her against toxic relationships

  • Has found joy in the process of self-care and is taking herself far less seriously

  • Feels ready to begin exploring new relationships

When I heard this praise report, I was floored, but not surprised, because when you treat The Whole Person: MindBodySpirit® from the inside-out, transformation is built into the process.

As we end each call, I tell her the goodness in me sees the goodness in her, I expect her to fail, then learn and grow from it, and to never place her worth in anything outside of herself.

"Permission to be a human being brings out the beauty of an individual's humanity." Michael Rizk



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