Balancing imbalances

I'm generally hired to resolve any number of symptoms in people's lives.

A symptom, most commonly, is the result of a lack of balance.

Culturally, the problem is, we chase symptoms instead of balancing the imbalances that caused them.

1. We chase weight gain instead of balancing the emotional pain driving overeating.

2. We chase low energy instead of balancing the obsession with becoming "successful," at all costs.

3. We chase low back pain instead of balancing someone's sedentary lifestyle with restorative movement.

4. We chase anxiety instead of balancing one's need for control.

5. We chase relationship challenges without balancing each individual's relationship with themselves.

It's incredibly difficult to heal these challenges inside of an unhealed culture.

It truly requires "going against the grain," accessing the present moment and subscribing to a life of courage.

Once you understand the difference between the manifestation of a problem and the problem itself, you'll understand the difference between effort and right effort.

"Balance is a decision, a way of being and a principle of life." Michael Rizk



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