Anything but "fake it till you make it"

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

In a performance-driven culture that defines success by power, prestige, and possessions, the catchphrase "fake it till you make it" has become a sort of egoic chant that supposedly fuels one's journey "to the top."

However, this phrase does nothing to serve the person in pursuit of "success" because you cannot build anything of value upon artificiality and deceit.

Inherent in its message is scarcity and inferiority, which produces fertile ground, perfect for the development of imposter syndrome.

Is this really a big deal?

Well, realizing words have symbolic meaning and appreciating we are the story we tell ourselves, it behooves us to rehearse a statement that has generosity and abundance built into it.

How about "awkward on my way to authentic," as an alternative?

Embedded in this statement is truth and truth is foundational, something that can be built upon.

Intrinsic to truth is integrity, structure, and reliability; an environment supportive of growth and evolution.

Any new endeavor will be accompanied by awkwardness, and with persistence...skill, precision, and authenticity emerge.

Words matter and uttering a phrase that matches the nature of change serves you through and through.

"The authentic self is soul made visible." Sarah ban Breathnach



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