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The Whole Person Blog: Week Seven, Day Two, Part 2/2 - Angels and Mystery

Writings inspired by Steven Pressfield: The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles

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Monday, February 10th, 2020

Pressfield writes:

"The next few chapters are going to be about those invisible psychic forces that support and sustain us in our journey toward ourselves. I plan on using the term angels and muses. Does that make you uncomfortable? If it does, you have my permission to think of angels in the abstract. Consider these forces as being impersonal as gravity. Maybe they are. It's not hard to believe, is it, that a force exists in every grain and seed to make it grow?"

When I first read this book, I was honestly surprised Pressfield had incorporated the spiritual realm into his writing. Mostly because he presents as a tell-it-like-it-is-take-no-shit-sit-down-and-do-the-work kind of guy. In fact, the integration of Spirit is why I've given and recommended this book to so many. At an intuitive level, it brought a sense of balance to his writing, appreciating the interconnectedness of MindBodySpirit®.

He continues:

"When we sit down day after day and keep grinding, something mysterious starts to happen. A process is set into motion by which, inevitably and infallibly, heaven comes to our aid. Unseen forces enlist in our cause; serendipity reinforces our purpose. Power concentrates around us. The Muse takes note of our dedication. She approves. We have earned favor in her sight."

He's referring to FLOW, which is first a receiving, followed by an expression of that "Something" within us all. Where most people miss the mark is they forget to receive, and over time, they spiritually run dry, trying to pour water from an empty bucket. Once the well runs dry, we lose our staying power, and we default back to what Pressfield calls an amateur. Of course, the part of us that has difficulty receiving is our ego; its lack of substance causes us to be prideful, needing to take all the credit because it's has nothing apart from its ability to perform.

Today is the last day to register for The Whole Person Project. Thirty days from now, you'll learn how to collapse back into your Wholeness, where all of your goals naturally exist. The alternative is to keep grinding it out. Some have chosen freedom instead.

"Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of a man's desire to understand." Neil Armstrong



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