An Encounter with the Divine

This morning I had a beautiful God encounter. The morning sun, along with the singing birds, gently brought me to consciousness. I stirred a bit as I contemplated a couple of things I wanted to do before sitting for Easter brunch. Before I sprung into action, I allowed myself to REST, to enjoy my simple BEING, and embrace my ONEness with all that is. I became unusually aware of my position in bed. Laying on my back felt symbolic of my willingness to surrender my desires, agenda, and my ego. I took a few deep breaths as if to accept that anything less than pure Presence would cause me to approach my day off-center. I noticed myself sinking ever deeper into bed and eventually into unitive consciousness with God. At that moment, I realized I was not merely in my bedroom, but had transcended beyond that space, and was humbly being held by the Great Comforter. There wasn't a thought in sight or an inkling of a desire to do anything except BE. As I continued giving in to the experience, I started feeling a warmth moving throughout my body, and a surreal sensation of peaceful, loving joy and divine safety. I realized that it was God in me, loving and communing with God. I delayed my typical rant to share this Encounter, and I hope it invites you into the Relationship of all relationships.

"We experience a new life with divine encounter." Lailah Gifty Akita



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