Ahead of the curve... not where most people are in today's culture, unfortunately.

So, where are we? Behind the 8-ball.

Emotionally speaking, we're exhausted, overwhelmed and anxious.


It largely comes back to how success is being measured.

Culturally, everyone's chasing the American Dream, believing they can't be happy until they reach some arbitrary level of financial success.

What gets measured gets managed!

We commonly and deviously refer to it as living our best life and reaching our full potential...code words for hustling for our worth.

When our efforts don't align with and lead to our narrowly defined metrics of success, we start feeling defeated, depleted and diminished, and eventually, we find ourselves "behind the 8-ball."

Hello disappointment, sadness and depression.

There's nothing wrong with most people; it's just no one really likes not fitting in.

Of course, we chase our symptoms by popping pills and working harder instead of addressing the underlying root causes.

And around and around and around we go.

There isn't a solution to this problem though we can change how success is measured.

Instead of getting rich, we can aim to solve interesting problems.

Instead of becoming famous, we can aim to live out our values.

Instead of being healthy, we can aim to prioritize our happiness.

With a little reframing and settling into a new reality, you'll find yourself ahead of the curve, not because you've finally made it but because you've expanded your definition of what that means.

"Our key to transforming anything lies in our ability to reframe it." Marianne Williamson



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