A man sees in the world...

...what he carries in his heart.

Interestingly, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe had already noticed in the 18th century the worthiness epidemic we're facing today.

If financial success is in his heart, working long hours, hanging out with rich people, and appearing wealthy is on his mind.

If physical fitness is in his heart, high-intensity workouts, counting macros, and drinking lots of water is on his mind.

If raising happy children is in his heart, disconnecting from work, teaching life skills, and mirroring his children's goodness is on his mind.

This largely comes back to how you measure success. For most people, it's how much they get done in a day.

Gotta live that American dream so we can finally be happy...🤑🎉🙌

What's most important is understanding why our measures of success have become what they are.

Most commonly, it's a cover-up. A band-aid placed over an emotional wound that has yet to be dealt with. And what you resist, persists, so we keep needing more and more to keep pretending we don't have pain, and our painful experiences aren't affecting us.

I can't tell you how to fix this other than you must invest the time in contemplating your reality. Once you start noticing the holes in your paradigms, assumptions, and worldviews, they'll naturally begin falling apart, and you'll discover what's been in your heart from the very beginning.

"What a man takes in by contemplation, that he pours out in love." Meister Eckhart



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