A lack of transformation is a seeing problem

We often blame a lack of transformation with a lack of doing the right things.

We criticize ourselves for not sticking to our original plans, for aggressive all-or-none behavior, for fleeting motivation and for results that didn’t quite match our expectations and so on and so forth.

By the way, self-criticism and transformation are like oil and water.

We can look to the 4 stages of this change process to realize seeing is more important than doing: Awareness --> Accountability --> Action --> Agency.

The most essential step in making an enjoyable, rewarding, and sustainable change is awareness…which is a matter of observing, noticing, witnessing, perceiving, and has nothing to do with doing.

We overemphasize action, to be honest.

Even once we access the present moment and become aware of it, we still have to become accountable to our current situation before we can exert the right effort.

Make no mistake; effort and right effort are not the same things.

To treat someone who’s overweight with diet and exercise is treating what happened to them and not why.

To move from doing to seeing, we must slow down, be still, observe our patterns, become aware of our triggers and mentally rehearse replacing protective behaviors with constructive alternatives...which all happens in the mind first.

Your biggest challenge will be that our culture does not measure success in this way.

Free will always offers the option to fit in or stand out.

"Awareness is the greatest agent of change." Eckhart Tolle



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