1゚ of separation

It's said we're 6゚or fewer social connections away from anyone.

This model is based on who we know.

Though, I'd bargain that energetically, we're far less than 1゚of separation from every thing and everyone.

The energy within me, that keeps my brain processing, heart beating, and lungs breathing is what helps you do the same, causes plants to grow, birds to fly, frogs to jump, babies to develop in utero, art to be made, and risks to be taken. It's all divine flow and we're all made of the same stuff.

This model is based on who we are.

Sure we all look different, but how fun would a box of crayons with one color be?

Mass shootings, suicides, addictions, war, and the struggle for power, are all driven by states of separateness.

You can only hurt someone if you feel separate from them.

We need to do a better job of highlighting our connection through deeply inclusive language and action, breeding community through dignity and respect.

"Oneness is the absolute truth, duality is an illusion." Shradha Shukla



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