We're an interconnected MindBodySpirit. People come to us to transform their Body, but their Mind holds them back, and their Spirit suffers.

We take a Mind-First Approach®, working through the Mind to uplift the Spirit, and transform the Body!


Hello, my name is Michael Rizk, and I'm on a mission to change the trajectory of world health and happiness!


The first step in improving world health and happiness is acknowledging our current approach is not working. We're putting forth a lot of effort but we're not seeing the fruits of our labor. Here are three massive approach problems I've observed, keeping us from experiencing profound transformation...

1. We're chasing symptoms (weight gain, low energy), instead of addressing their root causes (low self-esteem, all-or-none thinking)

2. We're misusing self-improvement to make up for a lack of self-acceptance, instead of learning how to love ourselves

3. We're trapped by the belief that health creates happiness, instead of prioritizing our happiness and allowing our health to follow

"If I had 60 minutes to solve a problem, I'd spend 55 minutes defining it and 5 minutes solving it." Albert Einstein

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We’ve already begun improving world health and happiness by simply operating in the best interests of those we seek to serve, from a space of generosity, compassion, and dignity. One way we do that is to equip people with the skill-sets and resources they need to be successful beyond our care. When you operate from the heart, you transform the heart. Here are a few ways we position our clients for long-term satisfaction… 

1. We teach people how to access peace, love, and joy prior to reaching their they can reach their goals

2. Instead of overly emphasizing success, we teach people how to fail successfully, then success is simply a matter of time

3. We teach people how to separate the painful experiences of their past from their identity, liberating their True Selves

"Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders." Tom Peters


"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." Mahatma Gandhi

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"I have the dedication, courage, strength, patience, determination, and power to achieve my wildest dreams--I just didn't know it until I met Mike. He showed me how to work from the inside-out, which gave me back control over my life."

Amanda Lennon

"Mike is on the cusp of greatness, ready to transform a broken fitness industry and impact so many people. I am closer than I’ve ever been to reaching my ultimate health and wellness goals. If you have ever wondered why you fall short of your goals, Mike is your solution!"

David Gargano

"As a result of working with Mike, I have a deeper love for self-care. Since learning how to accept myself (flaws included), my attitude towards life has changed. I will no longer run from my fears because I've been empowered to conquer them."

Vignelia Frugoni

When I began this journey I wasn’t expecting to find my soul. My work with Mike has been an absolute awakening from within. I’ve learned how to practice self-compassion, be in the present moment, and heal from the inside-out. Not only have I seen and felt a shift, but so has my family. 

Elana Sulla


The number one fitness goal is core strength and ironically, the number one disability in the world is lower back pain. Clearly, we lack an understanding of how the core works. Here's a 30 second core workout to increase your energy, improve your posture, and enhance your function.

My only request is if you enjoy this resource, please share it with your friends and family, to help play an active role in improving the trajectory of world health and happiness :-)

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We're an interconnected MindBodySpirit, though we tend to treat ourselves superficially as a "Body." In turn, our journey quickly loses Spirit, and motivation follows. Michael works through your Mind to help you understand how to treat yourself as a Whole Person, keeping joy at the forefront of self-care.


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