Lifestyle & Performance catalyst certification coming 2018

Be more than just a vehicle to a good workout for your clients.

The majority of fitness professionals are merely going through the motions—working long, chaotic hours, motivating instead of inspiring, counting reps instead of creating change and offering a service instead of delivering an experience. As professionals, we have an incredible opportunity to play a fuller, more meaningful role in the lives of our clients but we have to present ourselves as more than just a vehicle to a good workout.

Our clients are more than just a physical body with a fitness goal, they're a deeply interconnected Body-Mind-Spirit and their experience should reflect that.
Condition for Life is calling all game-changers who are in search of an enjoyable, rewarding and sustainable career. We believe the fitness community, even more than the medical community can change the trajectory of world health and happiness.

Our Lifestyle & Performance Catalyst mentorship program will kickoff in January 2018. Sign up below to get notified. Also, you'll instantly become part of our online community, receive monthly articles and hangouts with Michael Rizk.

Becoming a Lifestyle & Performance Catalyst.

Lifestyle & Performance Catalyst
  • Trains the body
  • Follows protocols
  • Delivers a service
  • Creates dependence
  • Has no exit strategy
  • Focuses on symptoms
  • Performs a job
  • Plays the game
  • Provides tough workouts
  •   Conditions the Mind-Body-Spirit
  •   Owns a thought process
  •   Provides an experience
  •   Offers independence
  •   Positions clients to sustain progress
  •   Addresses the root cause
  •   Pursues a passion
  •   Changes the game
  •   Works at the clients threshold
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