Frequently Asked Questions

Exactly what is the Condition for Life Online Revolution Program?

The Condition for Life Online Revolution is a completely virtual experience where we guide you step-by-step through our approach to fitness and wellness. These strategies for success mimic our highly successful in-studio experience that conditions your Body-Mind & Spirit.

Is Condition for Life a gym?

No, we are not a gym. At Condition for Life, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to live life in a thriving state – to wake up each day with a capable body, sharp mind and courageous spirit. We believe joy, contentment, fulfillment, peace of mind, love and happiness create a sustainable foundation for optimal health. And we’re ready to share this approach in a push to change the trajectory of world health and happiness, one person at a time – starting with you.

So is this a diet and exercise program?

No…. and we’re proud of that. Let’s face it. The  traditional approach to health and fitness – diet & exercise – is unenjoyable and has no true path leading to what people desire and deserve. We’ve taken the good stuff that tradition offers and added in everything we see that’s missing. Through our program , you fitness and wellness goals will become the natural byproduct of how you lead your life.

Can you tell me a little more about Condition for Life and the Online Revolution?

Everyone is made up of a Body, Mind and Spirit, which we call the Movement Triangle. The Movement Triangle represents the beauty of our interconnectedness as human beings. You cannot change, affect or neglect one of these aspects without impacting the others. Traditionally, people will come to us to enhance their Body, but it is their Mind that holds them back and ultimately it is their Spirit that suffers.

That sounds great but will I learn how to eat better and exercise without pain?

Yes! Fuel & Nourishment is a key bucket of your overall Environment and we focus on how to effectively and efficiently fuel your body to it can give you what you want. And our weekly movement videos will completely redefine your relationship with exercise. We are no pain, ALL gain!

How exactly does the Online Revolution work?

The Online Revolution is designed so that each week, you will receive videos that condition each facet of who you are – Mind, Body and Spirit. By addressing your -dimensional needs, you’ll actually discover transforming yourself is a joyous process. We’d like to let you in on another secret. Change is just that, a process. It doesn’t happen overnight, there are no quick fixes or magic pills. But, within the Revolution there is a guarantee of success, a promise of sustainability and an endorsement of self-discovery.

Can I access the videos and material on my phone?

Yes! The C4L Revolution is completely virtual and mobile friendly. You can watch a video, review a document, post a comment or get help right from your phone, tablet or laptop.

If I need additional help is that available?

Yes! We also offer a 1×1 private Skype or Phone consulting session packages to meet your specific needs.

Who is Condition for Life?

Condition for Life is a Lifestyle Management company. We are singularly dedicated to empowering people to construct lifestyles in which their health. fitness and wellness goals are the byproduct of how they are living. More simply we’re a few guys and gals with bigger hearts than brains that know we can help make a difference in other people’s lives. P.S. Our brains are pretty big. 🙂

If I don’t have Facebook, can I access the private, online Forum?

Unfortunately, no, you must use Facebook to access the private Forum. However, the Forum is completely private and ONLY members of the C4L Revolution have access and can post and read comments.

How much does it cost?

$20 a month and you can cancel at any time. Simple.