Our Corporate Wellness Philosophy

The current corporate wellness model is outdated, ineffective and expensive. It relies on providing information, health screens and financial incentives to motivate employees to take better care of themselves.

But these time-old tactics speak to the rational mind and fails to tap into the emotional mind, where deep lasting motivation is created and sustained. This inefficiency is both costly and frustrating for both the employer and employee.
The fire is ignited when you connect someone to their purpose, vision and values and is sustained with encouragement, empowerment and challenge.

The fact is, a wellness initiative is really an opportunity to help someone become a leader in their life, not a list of what and what not to do.

People are more than numbers on a chart, they're Individuals led by a Mind and driven by a Spirit and once your program reflects that, so will your results.

Our Approach

People aren't moved by numbers on a chart and neither are sustainable profits.

For Your Organization & People
  • Enhanced Company Culture
  • Improved Collaboration & Innovation
  • Deeper Connection to Company Mission & Values

Corporate wellness is an approach-problem, not a people-problem. The fact is, a wellness initiative is really an opportunity to become a leader in your life, not a list of what to do and not do.

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