But no longer
I put everyone else ahead of myself but no longer.I used to procrastinate but no longer.I needed reassurance but no longer.I ran late everywhere but no longer.I used to over commit and under deliver but no longer.I associated pain with taking care of myself but no longer.I was my own biggest critic but no longer.I was a perfectionist and had extreme tendencies but no longer.I allowed fear to keep me small and quiet but no longer.I lacked belief and lied to myself about my potential but no longer Read more
What success looks like
So I’d like to share an unorthodox approach to achieving your health, fitness and wellness goals. I don’t often share client stories because I’ve come to expect the results I regularly achieve with my clients and being so close to it, I don’t always realize how powerful it is to take a non-linear approach towards realizing your desires. However, I just had a client experience worth a mention and by the way, I’ve been serving this industry for 17 years, originally as a personal trainer Read more
Building compassion in
When you judge others for WHAT they do, criticism is your only choice.When you take a millisecond to pause and ask yourself WHY they are doing it, you build compassion into the equation.All behavior is functional and getting curious about the WHY requires empathy and letting go of the need for control.The person who is damaged by criticism is the one who casts it, while both parties are healed by compassion.We know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and we may be more likely not to once we Read more
Vulnerability is courage
You cannot display courage without first being vulnerable.We don’t mind the whole courage piece but we could do without the vulnerability thing.That’s like wanting “heads” to be on both sides of the same coin.Heads is only valuable because tails is on the other side.Yes, courage comes at a risk called vulnerability.Courage says: I want to create boundaries in my life, honor my commitments, express my values, have a point of view and find balance in my life.Comfort says: I want everyone Read more
Turning despise into admiration
We are a nation that...Admires courage but despises vulnerability.Admires opportunities but despises challenges.Admires creativity but despises risk.Admires art but despises weirdness.Admires improvement but despises change.Admires value but despises cost.Admires convenience but despises discomfort.Admires freedom but despises sacrifice.Admires purpose but despises contemplation.What a disconnect?What we despise, if given the chance, often becomes what we admire.“If you admire the rainbow afte Read more
The gateway to peace
Acceptance...Of yourself.Of others.That you are not in control.That the world does not revolve around you.That there is an alternative perspective.That perspective and truth are not the same.You are always doing the best you can with what you’ve got.Your past does not equal your potential.That your challenges are opportunities to become whom you ought to be.That fear wounds and love heals all.The gateway to peace is acceptance.“Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, gradually changin Read more
Negative self-talk isn’t a thing
We’ve all experienced negative thoughts. At times, we’re our biggest critic and others, our personal advocate. When we’re critical of ourselves, we feel horrible and when we’re compassionate towards ourselves, we feel hopeful. Why then, would we ever choose to engage negative self-talk?In the 1960’s, Aaron Beck, pioneer of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) disproved negative self-talk, as it suggests we intentionally speak poorly about ourselves. I don’t know about you but I encount Read more
Insert sigh
When things aren’t going our way, it’s common to insert a sigh of frustration, disappointment or resentment.The sigh is a wordless form of expression but serves no function in addressing the matter at hand…in fact; it gives power and energy to your perceived problem.The key is not to stop sighing; the key is to associate this phrase “this requires effort” with it.Whatever you’re sighing about, it’s clearly something that requires effort to resolve.Effort is also often a wordless fo Read more
Two peas in a pod
Gravity and fear.Gravity in the physical realm is the same as fear in the mental/emotional realm.Gravity is always weighing on us but without it, we couldn’t develop bone density, muscular strength, elasticity, joint stability or resilience.Fear is always weighing on us but without it, we couldn’t appreciate love, understand our potential or develop vulnerability, courage and confidence.Gravity and fear are gifts for the mind and body to develop capacity and you can leverage them to overcome Read more
Tell me what to do and I’ll do it
Oh, really?Is all you need to just be told what to do?Even if I could tell you what to do…what happens when I’m gone?Who then will tell you what to do?Can you see where this is leading?If you need to be told what to do now, you’ll always need to be told!Is that the life you want to live?People want to be told what to do because they don’t want to be wrong.Being wrong = pain.Unless you see that being wrong = growing.Back to what to do…pretend that you know what to do, do it, take notes Read more
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