Change from the inside vs. outside
It seems everyone wants to change something about themselves or their situation. The biggest consideration behind the desire to change is where it's coming from.When changes flows from the inside-out, it's fueled and driven by LOVE.When your thought process is centered on enhancing the parts of yourself that no one can "see," such as self-awareness, self-discovery, self-acceptance, self-respect, self-compassion, etc. the behaviors that spring forth from that space are enjoyable, rewarding and su Read more
A more enjoyable way of taking care of yourself
Over the years, I've seen so many of my clients struggle unnecessarily in an attempt to lead their preferred lifestyle; believing that eating better and moving more will cause them to be happier.  They swear this Monday, they will starting behaving better. This limited mindset observes change as an event rather than a process and it lacks the substance and foundation to last beyond the initial excitement they feel.  The only way to sustainably and enjoyably change your behavior is to look at t Read more
Behavior change is a waste of time
Behavior change is truly a waste of time and here's why...Focusing on behavior change is like trying to install new software on a computer with an outdated operating system.Behavior change is the software and the operating system is what you believe about yourself.Your beliefs were formed primarily during your formative years and since then, you've invested in that story line and/or have hustled to try and change it but struggle to maintain progress.For instance, you start a diet and exercise pr Read more
Alternatives to overreacting
When someone says or does something to get under your skin, rather than overreact and give unnecessary energy to the problem, try practicing these constructive alternatives...1. Meditating to cool your jets and think more clearly2. Journaling to acknowledge and process your emotions3. Perspective-taking to practice empathy and mindfulness4. Connecting with and gaining insights from others who respond to difficult situations the way you would like to5. Wholeheartedly addressing the situation with Read more
Treating your clients like a dog
I love my dog.I love my clients.I walk him.I help them explore movement in a refreshing way.I feed him.I help them improve their relationship with food.I make sure he has space in his schedule to get plenty of rest.I help them create boundaries around their sleep schedule.I destress him with a belly rub.I help them address their stresses at their core and meditate instead of medicate.I know he's happy because his tail wags.I know their happy because it's easy to see when someone's living out the Read more
Living your preferred life
When clients come to us to get from where they are to where they want to be, we've found it helpful to give them a mental framework for getting there.Where you are today is called your Current  Status and it's full of certainty, predictability and reliability but at the expense of dissatisfaction. Think known misery.Where you want to be tomorrow is called your Preferred Status and it's full of uncertainty, unpredictability and unreliability but at the expense of long-term satisfaction. Think un Read more
Breaking through the BIG rocks
The three biggest rocks I see in the gap between where my clients are and where they want to be… Perfectionism People-pleasing Self-doubtProblems needs solutions!Problem: PerfectionismSolution: Be accountable to the fact that perfection is a lie. Embrace the beauty of your imperfections and refine over time. People can’t relate perfect people and being alone is more painful than being imperfect.Problem: People-pleasingSolution: Be accountable to the fact that others liking you won’t cha Read more
Maximizing your routine
Even though we have routines we would like to perform regularly, sometimes westruggle to invest the time in ourselves to complete them. The key to incorporatingit is to focus less on the physical act of completing the routine and more on themental aspect of creating success in your mind first.1. Give yourself permission to make yourself a priority2. Appreciate that acting in spite of the resistance you feel when makingyourself a priority is an act of courage3. Embrace your routine as a ritual th Read more
Resources vs. resourcefulness
When asked why most fail to reach their goals and dreams, they claim to have not enough money, not enough time, not enough clout, not enough knowledge, not enough focus and the list goes on and on.Resources are NEVER the reason why we fail.We fail due to a lack of resourcefulness. We fail to invest in developing strategies before engaging tactics, we fail to honor our strengths, we fail to admit our weaknesses, we fail to collaborate and share the load, we fail to leverage other’s gifts and ta Read more
It all starts with self
If you want to be respected…If you want to be appreciated…If you want to be loved…If you want to be trusted…If you want to be honored…If you want to be encouraged…If you want to be empowered…If you want to be taken seriously…If you want to be significant…If you want to be relevant…Whatever it is you want to be…it all starts with self.What does respect, trust and being taken seriously look like?Which behaviors support those attributes? Showing up on time, operating with inte Read more
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