10 ways we consciously invest in depression
Many people suffer depression because of things that happened to them. Things that were unfair, unjust, unnecessary, painful, scarring and things in which they had no control over. My heart always breaks for these people, of which I am one.On the other hand, there are times when we  participate in behaviors (often subconsciously/on auto-pilot) that promote or maintain a depressed state. My hope is this awareness will help you manage choices you have control over to move yourself in a better dir Read more
I know what to do…I’m just scared to do it
Instead of saying: “I know what to do…I just don’t do it.”Say: “I know what to do…I’m just scared to do it.”One reveals ignorance while the other reveals fear and those are two completely different conversations!Are you ignorant or scared?The first step of transformation is awareness, then accountability and then action.Premature action is just that and serves to get you nowhere fast!"May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears." Nelson Mandela
The reason I am where I am
The reason I am where I am; is because I haven’t believed in myself.I haven’t believed in myself.I haven’t.I.Once you’re down to the “I” (a.k.a. total accountability), transformation can finally take place.Removing the “I” through blame, justification and rationalization promotes stagnation.If your change endeavor doesn’t begin with some form of accountability, I just don’t think you ever get there…and by there, I don’t mean reach your goal, I mean free.
Why we need to address the mind first
With the recent suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, it's clear that "having it all" is anything but "all." About 9 years ago, I became disenchanted with the traditional process of diet and exercise in an attempt to help people reach their health, fitness and quality of life goals. It was clear to me there was something missing from the equation. I was treating these people as a "body with a goal." Week by week, we'd weigh in and workout, all the while, they'd make self-critical comments Read more
Why you’re not doing what you know how to do…
I know what to do but I just don’t do it—ugh! How many times have we all said that?  But ever wonder why you’re not doing it? You may blame it on laziness or not being disciplined but it goes deeper than that.  First things first, It has nothing to do with knowing what to do, that’s only part of the equation. Knowing what to do is the intellectual side of it, doing it is all emotional. It all comes back to what you believe about yourself…which was formed by experiences during your f Read more
A cure for the Monday blues…
I know all about the Monday blues...the feeling things were never going to get better. I woke up with crippling anxiety for years and I've learned how to heal from it through a dedicated practice of self-care.I learned that anxiety is anticipating failure in advance and it largely has to do with uncertainty and a lack of control.If you grew up with controlling parents, that most likely and inadvertently became your program for happiness.It's also why most people fear religion and spirituality... Read more
Is having a purpose all its cracked up to be?
Everyone talks about having a clearly defined purpose and I’m not sure of its’ necessity for leading a joyous, rewarding and fulfilling life.Isn’t the simple side of the purpose of life to give and receive love? Do we need to make it much more complex than that?My sense is that fear (of vulnerability, of rejection, of loss, of uncertainty, of surrender, etc.) would have us believe there’s much more to consider as it keeps us from simply loving our neighbors as ourselves.I believe it’s Read more
The benefits of treating the whole person
A couple of days back I shared a conversation (https://www.facebook.com/michael.rizk.522/posts/10214111601523048) I had with a prospect looking to lose weight and rather than focus on her symptom of weight gain, I drew her attention to the imbalances within her lifestyle instead. I was honest and Told her I didn’t believe her current approach would get her where she wanted to be. Here’s how our conversation went yesterday.Prospect: Hi Mike, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to talk Read more
How can I help you…as a whole person?
As a health professional serving the world, my training has been very symptomatically driven. Meaning, I was taught how to address symptoms more than I was taught how to get at root causes. Ironically, it took me almost ten years to make the switch and I have Gary Gray and the Gray Institute to thank for teaching me how to think for myself. Below is a conversation I had with a recent prospect and you'll see what it looks like to treat the whole person as opposed to their ailments.Prospect: Hi, Read more
The best way to start achieving a new goal
The traditional approach towards reaching a goal is to focus on the change you are seeking to make. While that seems logical, it's that very mindset that keeps you from reaching your goal. Huh?!How am I supposed to change if I don't focus on making the change?Before I tell you, lets play with some numbers. There are 7 billion people on the planet, let's say 10% set a resolution, that's 7 hundred million people (700,000,000). Now consider that 92% of them fail their resolution goal every year. Ev Read more
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