Reaching your Resolutions: The Top 5 Ways I Build Success into Someone’s Lifestyle
Have you ever wondered why relapse is so prevalent amongst people who’ve seemingly conquered their substance (food, alcohol, drugs, porn, bingewatcing TV, etc.)?It’s not that they’ve lost motivation or will power or discipline, it’s most likely that they never changed their environment. They're constantly being pulled back into their "old ways" by the nature of their daily lifestyle.For instance, when someone comes to me to lose weight, while they want to focus on weight loss, I want to Read more
Reaching your Resolutions: Get Happy and Healthy will Follow
One of common misconceptions is if we become healthy, then happiness will follow and after serving the health, fitness and wellness industry for 18 years, I can confidently say it doesn’t work that way. That comes from personal experience and from the countless number of clients I’ve trained during my career.The reason it doesn’t work is because there’s nothing outside of us that can fulfill us: not our appearance, not six-pack abs, not a clean bill of health, not your fastest 5K, not a Read more
Reaching your Resolutions: It’s a Process, not an Event
Today’s topic would seem as if it should have been shared on January 1st but they can’t all be first! I’ll just come right out and say it: “Change is a process, not an event.” What does that even mean? An event happens all at once, while a process is happens over time. You can probably guess which scenario our culture has conditioned to pursue.Clients would often come in to see me for helping reaching their health, fitness and wellness goals, completely disengaged from any kind of stru Read more
Reaching your Resolutions: Address the Whole Person: MindBodySpirit
I recently received the ACE Fitness Journal about a week ago and on the cover is a beautiful, overweight woman running and plastered over her image: 50 Simple Ways to Cut Calories, Small Steps Add Up.Really?!?!?!The health and fitness industry has been failing to help the public sustainably reach their resolution goals (or any goal) since the 1970’s, and to boil weight loss down to mere calories serves as a massive disconnect. Apparently, we’re still subscribed to the eat less/move more mod Read more
Reaching your Resolutions: Understanding your Two Minds
Most people have never been told they have two minds: one rational and one emotional. The rational mind says: get up at 6am to go to the gym, while the emotional mind says: it’s really warm under the blankets.Apparently, more often than not, 98% of people choose to stay under the warm blankets (the 98% who fail to reach their goals every year).It can be easy to just move on after hearing a statement like that but if we fail to pause and reflect on this reality, we will NEVER see a positive cha Read more
Reaching your Resolutions: Addressing the Issue, not the Manifestation
Whatever goal you’re trying to reach is most likely the manifestation of a deeper issue. As a result, you’ll look spend lots of energy getting nowhere fast. This is why 98 percent of people fail to reach resolutions.In an effort to be resourceful, it’s helpful to think in terms of: Manifestation—>Driver—>Issue.Example 1 Manifestation: weight gain Driver: emotional eating Issue: low self-esteemAddressing the manifestation would warrant a diet and exercise program. However, eati Read more
How to Reach your Resolutions: Properly Manage your Expectations
Just in case you missed yesterday’s post, millions of people around the globe will set and fail to reach their New Year’s Resolutions goals despite their good intentions. Failure to reach any goal at any time of the year is inevitably related to approach problems: fear-motivated, unrealistic expectations, lacking clarity, premature reassessment, deficient in deeper meaning, etc. To that end, this month I’m dedicating my daily blog to helping people resolve their approach problems.“Expect Read more
Here we go again
Soren Kierkegaard said that life can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forward. From that truth, we have an opportunity to insightfully reflect upon previous New Year’s resolutions and why they haven’t worked out for 98% of people who set them.Having served the health, fitness and wellness (life) industries for 18 years now, I can confidently tell you why so many get it wrong year after year. Before you jump to any conclusions, let me assure you it has nothing to do with a la Read more
Resolutions ha ha ha
Here we go again…you’re about to set your umpteenth resolution and ironically, you have even better intentions than last year.This year, you’re more serious than you were last year.This year, you’re more committed than you were last year.This year, statistically speaking, will be no different than last year and it has nothing to do with your intentions, your seriousness or your commitment.It all boils down to what you believe about yourself, how well you know yourself, your emotional int Read more
Removing people-pleasing from my work
I used to write for you (my reader) and when I did, I really cared how many people liked what I wrote and how many shares it received and it was all a reflection of how worthwhile I was.Lots of likes = I was good :-)Not a lot of likes = I was not good :-(As a result, every blog I wrote was driven by fear and it only served to create more fear in my life.Richard Rohr states that all great spirituality is what we do with our pain, we can either transmit it to others or transform it into a sacred s Read more
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