Maximizing your routine
Even though we have routines we would like to perform regularly, sometimes westruggle to invest the time in ourselves to complete them. The key to incorporatingit is to focus less on the physical act of completing the routine and more on themental aspect of creating success in your mind first.1. Give yourself permission to make yourself a priority2. Appreciate that acting in spite of the resistance you feel when makingyourself a priority is an act of courage3. Embrace your routine as a ritual th Read more
Resources vs. resourcefulness
When asked why most fail to reach their goals and dreams, they claim to have not enough money, not enough time, not enough clout, not enough knowledge, not enough focus and the list goes on and on.Resources are NEVER the reason why we fail.We fail due to a lack of resourcefulness. We fail to invest in developing strategies before engaging tactics, we fail to honor our strengths, we fail to admit our weaknesses, we fail to collaborate and share the load, we fail to leverage other’s gifts and ta Read more
It all starts with self
If you want to be respected…If you want to be appreciated…If you want to be loved…If you want to be trusted…If you want to be honored…If you want to be encouraged…If you want to be empowered…If you want to be taken seriously…If you want to be significant…If you want to be relevant…Whatever it is you want to be…it all starts with self.What does respect, trust and being taken seriously look like?Which behaviors support those attributes? Showing up on time, operating with inte Read more
Unwanted validation
In the Christian Recorder of March 1862, this adage appeared: "Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me." Given what we now know about our emotions, this statement couldn't be further from the truth.Words do hurt and they're incredibly painful, especially when they validate what one negatively believe about themselves. For instance, if someone believes they are not smart, being called "stupid" would be nothing short of a soul crusher.It's important to know that negative Read more
Breakfast at 230am
If I woke you up out of a sound sleep to serve you breakfast at 230, what would your reaction be?Would you be angry, bewildered and annoyed or joyous, appreciative and enthused?Well, the answer will vary greatly based on context.If it's in the middle of a stressful workweek, most likely upsetting but if on a plane to Italy with a 6 hour time difference, mostly welcomed.This simple analogy also applies to the process of improving your health.If the context for improving your health is a result of Read more
The tunnel of change
Along the Italian roads from Paestum to Sorrento, we made our way through a common tunnel and then I realized we were driving through a man-made hole in the face of a mountain and the determination and resourcefulness required to make it through the other side.The thought of the creation of a tunnel reminded me of the magnificence and complexity and of the change process. Imagine...- the creativity of "I wonder if we could"- the vulnerability of "this might not work"- the courage of "we're doing Read more
Affirmations are half of the equation
You can tell yourself you love yourself in the mirror over and over but until you express your love for yourself by practicing self-compassion, creating boundaries, honoring your commitments, operating with integrity, displaying resilience in the face of failure, etc. they are unlikely to cause meaningful change in a lasting way.Application of your affirmations creates transformation!“I am in the process of becoming the best version of myself.” Positivity Note
No one likes to be challenged but ironically, it’s only in the midst of a challenge we become who we ought to be. Like everything, there’s tradeoffs. Challenges are……difficult but worthwhile.…straining but strengthening.…uncertain but empowering.…humiliating (at times) but encouraging.…consuming but liberating.…fear-inducing but love-provoking.Challenges, more than anything are opportunities to love and believe in yourself and ultimately grow."Every great story happened when so Read more
Resolutions in June
6 months failed.So you think.But you didn't.What did you learn?Failure + learning = moment of growth.If you didn't learn anything other than you're a failure, then you failed.But failing isn't permanent, you can still's literally never too late.But that requires you want to pick yourself back up....and that's a choice.Initiating after a fail IS in and of itself courage, commitment and compassion.So pick yourself, again and again, forever and ever and you'll realize resolut Read more
Admire vs. inspire
Who do you admire?Why do you admire them?If you did what you admired, you would inspire others.“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” Milton Berle
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