Approaching this week from the heart…

Oftentimes, we head into Monday wondering how we can do this week “better.”

We consider what we want to do more and less of.

Let’s be honest, by noon time Monday, most of us are exactly where we were last Monday…feeling stuck, unable to change and uninspired.

Life feels dull, repetitive and difficult.

We intellectually know if we want a new result we have to take a new approach but feel confused as to where we should start.

Our minds naturally wander to new tactics but our problems cannot be solved from the same consciousness that created them.

In other words, our current level of mind cannot solve our current problems–we need a new mind!

We develop a new mind by dropping 12 inches from head to heart.

In our heart, we settle, we remain still, we become open, we expand our horizons and we invariably approach our lives differently; with more curiosity and creativity, with more passion and less angst.

Our hearts see through a different lens, they interpret reality in a far more spacious way and they notice the significant subtleties of life that are unknowable through the mind.

This isn’t about being disciplined and doing the right things, it’s about radically changing your approach and living from the center of your being.
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