Painful, difficult and demanding are the words most people use to describe the journey of improving their health, fitness and well-being. If we don't enjoy the process of self-care, it's near impossible to sustain our efforts long enough to reach our goals.

At Condition for Life, we've completely redefined the wellness experience from the bottom up. We discovered that while people come to us to enhance their Body, it's their Mind holding them back and their Spirit that suffers. Since the Mind holds back the Body, we deliver a Mind-First Approach® to help our members transform their bodies, reclaim their health and become leaders in their lives.
Conditioning the Mind begins with helping you identify where you are at today, where you want to be tomorrow and what’s holding you back. From there, we’ll show you how to uncover your purpose, vision and values, and in the process completely redefine your relationship with diet and exercise – all while managing your expectations on how change happens.

Refreshing, energizing and rewarding are the words our clients use to describe this transformational experience. The Revolution® is a selfless program that places you in the driver's seat of your life and empowers you to make decisions that create lasting joy, contentment and fulfillment.

How We Are Different.

  • We develop you as a whole persion:
  • You'll focus on the issues behind the manifestations and heal from the inside out
  • We redesigned the health and wellness journey to be refreshing and enjoyable
  • Your program is highly personalized; no cookie cutter solutions
  • We prioritize mental and strategic planning to ensure everything you do is intentional and results-oriented
  • We'll help you create a balanced lifestyle so your goals become the result of how you live each day-for the rest of your life

Meet Your Team

Michael Rizk

At the core of his existence, Michael Rizk is a game-changer. His passion comes alive when he's helping people get from "here to there." Whatever roadblock: mental, emotional, physical or spiritual, he operates in the best interests of his clients, helping them overcome their perceived obstacles. With fitness as his platform, he helps his tribe see that diet and exercise perfection can't create happiness or fix what you believe about yourself. He accepts people exactly as they are and observes how quickly they transform into the greatest, truest version of themselves. Michael realizes when one feels seen and appreciated in their own essence, one is instantly empowered... and their goals follow. Today, Michael can be found writing a blog at a favorite coffee shop, on the phone consulting with corporations, on the road assisting pro athletes, in his studio empowering your everyday superhero or working hard to change the trajectory of world health and happiness.

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Michael Cassalle
Client Experience Catalyst

A self-defined Sherpa-in-Training. Michael Cassalle brings his lifelong passion for inspiring others to live a healthy and vibrant life to Condition for Life. Michael believes that C4L's multi-dimensional approach to helping individuals achieve their wellness goals is what ultimately separates C4L from typical fitness and wellness programs. His passion for living the Condition for Life philosophy comes from a burning desire and unshakable belief that changing and transforming into the best version of ourselves is truly possible. Whether someone is seeking to climb the highest mountain, conquer stage fright or just simply smile more easily, Michael is committed to helping shape the path and seeing his clients through to their best versions of themselves.

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"The secret to helping someone change their Body is helping them change their Mind first."

Michael Rizk,
Founder C4L
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