Maximizing your routine

Even though we have routines we would like to perform regularly, sometimes we
struggle to invest the time in ourselves to complete them. The key to incorporating
it is to focus less on the physical act of completing the routine and more on the
mental aspect of creating success in your mind first.

1. Give yourself permission to make yourself a priority
2. Appreciate that acting in spite of the resistance you feel when making
yourself a priority is an act of courage
3. Embrace your routine as a ritual that expresses your personal values for self-
care, longevity, balance, commitment, consistency, etc.
4. As you’re performing it, acknowledge your actions are communicating you
find yourself worthy of your own efforts
5. Once complete, embody the experience by feeling the feelings that emanate
from making yourself a priority

Doing anything worthwhile is a mental and strategic game far more than it is a
physical or tactical one. Operate with intention and feel your way through each
aspect of your routine.

“The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.” Mike Murdock

Resources vs. resourcefulness

When asked why most fail to reach their goals and dreams, they claim to have not enough money, not enough time, not enough clout, not enough knowledge, not enough focus and the list goes on and on.

Resources are NEVER the reason why we fail.

We fail due to a lack of resourcefulness. We fail to invest in developing strategies before engaging tactics, we fail to honor our strengths, we fail to admit our weaknesses, we fail to collaborate and share the load, we fail to leverage other’s gifts and talents, we fail to consider constructive alternatives, we fail to prioritize and delegate, we fail to be flexible in our approach, we fail to honor our commitments, we fail to create boundaries, we fail to hold ourselves accountable, we fail to observe patterns, we fail to not take it personally, and we most definitely fail to repeat our same protective patterns over and again with a limited understanding of why we are behaving the way we are.

Resources are helpful but are not responsible for a lack of resourcefulness. Unless you own it…you can’t heal, learn or grow from it.


“All the resources we need are in the mind.” Theodore Roosevelt

It all starts with self

If you want to be respected…

If you want to be appreciated…

If you want to be loved…

If you want to be trusted…

If you want to be honored…

If you want to be encouraged…

If you want to be empowered…

If you want to be taken seriously…

If you want to be significant…

If you want to be relevant…

Whatever it is you want to be…it all starts with self.

What does respect, trust and being taken seriously look like?

Which behaviors support those attributes? Showing up on time, operating with integrity, creating boundaries, etc.

Which behaviors do not? Poor time management, pleasing others, putting yourself last, etc.

Are you worthy of the effort it will take to behave yourself into becoming who it is you ought to be?


Self respect knows no considerations. Mahatma Gandhi

Unwanted validation

In the Christian Recorder of March 1862, this adage appeared: “Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Given what we now know about our emotions, this statement couldn’t be further from the truth.

Words do hurt and they’re incredibly painful, especially when they validate what one negatively believe about themselves. For instance, if someone believes they are not smart, being called “stupid” would be nothing short of a soul crusher.

It’s important to know that negative core beliefs are created by way of experience(s). At some point, the individual who believes they are “not smart” was involved in an experience that caused them to believe that about themselves. The belief then creates rules such as: Don’t raise your hand in class, don’t ask questions, make assumptions, avoid creativity and live a small life. It’s easy to see how limiting beliefs erode the soul.

The solution is in the situation!

Just as negative core beliefs are created by experience, they can also be redefined (healed) by new experiences but it demands taking a risk and making an investment in yourself. It’ll require you to raise your hand, ask questions, become curious, try something new and dare to grow. The requirements are vulnerability, courage and faith.

This is as Richard Rohr says…if you don’t transform your pain, you will most assuredly transmit it. There’s a lot of beauty, hope and truth in knowing that you have the power to grow or shrink with each of your decisions. Once you’re aware of what made you small and limited your beliefs, it’s your responsibility to become who you ought to be.


Beautiful are those whose brokenness gives birth to transformation and wisdom. John Mark Green