Finding a replacement

Unknown-10When our strategies for reaching our health, fitness and wellness goals don’t work, it offers a wonderful opportunity to replace something old with something new. Trying replacing…

  • Fear with Love
  • Seeing with Believing
  • Doubt with Faith
  • Criticism with Compassion
  • Guilt with Grace
  • Anxiety with Journaling
  • Failing with Learning
  • Shutting down with Reaching out
  • Contemplation with Action or vice versa
  • Questions with Reading

At the end of the day, you alone are your own solution to your own situation. Just know there are always constructive alternatives. The only prerequisite is that you love and believe you are worthy of the effort it would take to try something new.

I’ll believe it when I see it

Unknown-9Yeah, maybe. Try applying that mentality to your health, fitness and wellness goals. Oftentimes, you’ll never see it unless you believe it.