Losing Focus

losing focusYou’ve been living a certain way and as a result, you’ve put on a little extra weight. Being overweight is not as much of a problem as why you became overweight to begin with.

Many times, with the best of intentions, we will use diet and exercise to reverse the weight gain. In and of itself, It’s not a good strategy because you’re addressing what’s happened (weight gain) and not why it’s happened (pain-fear-guilt-shame, etc.). This would be like putting someone in jail for any crime before having a fair trial.

The biggest reason why diet and exercise doesn’t sustainably work for most of us is because it’s not the priority. If you’re weight gain has been facilitated by a lack of worth due to rejection in your formative years, I’m sorry, but eating less and moving more is not a fix. Leading an active lifestyle and consuming nourishing foods is part of a balanced lifestyle but not a cure all.

The solution is to look into your GAP, your personal resistance, the space between where you are and where you want to be. The GAP is full of everything you likely don’t want to confront but until you do, you may continue trying to use diet and exercise to fix something that requires a different form of attention.

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Margin – A little space to enjoy life!


Margin. The biker in the picture has no margin, no room for error. If something goes wrong, it all goes wrong.

Do you have margin in your life? Are you behind the 8-ball or ahead of the curve? Are you reactive or responsive? Are you surviving or thriving?


You missed a month at the gym – no margin.

You’ve been walking 3x per week for over a year – margin.


Credit card is maxed out – no margin.

You manage to pay your balance in full each month – margin.


You canceled your appointment last minute – no margin.

You pulled up 15 minutes early to your appointment – margin.


Work is crazy and you’re eating food on the run – no margin.

You have a long day at the office but prepared food ahead of time – margin.


You’re pulling an all-nighter to get your project completed – no margin.

You designate two hours each week to complete your project two weeks early – margin.


As a Lifestyle and Performance Catalyst, I love helping my clients set Goals, establish Values and cast a Vision for their optimal lifestyle. I’ve come to realize though, if you don’t have enough margin in your life, enough capacity to make change, change won’t happen…no matter how detailed the goals are or how elaborate the Vision is.

Margin is created one choice at a time. Keep choosing yourself until the evidence is all around you.

Fuel Your Fire

fireOn the journey of improving, maintaining and managing your health, fitness and well-being, it’s important to keep fuel on your fire. Since the journey itself has natural ebbs and flows, keeping yourself engaged during the process is essential to forward progress. Once your pursuit becomes dull or dry, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s truly important. Suddenly, our efforts can feel meaningless.

One strategy I share with my clients is to regularly engage in activities that bring them joy. Remember that behind your health and wellness aspirations is more than just a body with a goal. You are an individual, lead by a mind and driven by a spirit. By prioritizing your mind through constructive thoughts and actions and your spirit through activities that make your heart happy, you’ll be able to keep plenty of fuel on your fire.

Go for a massage, get a mani-pedi, a facial, have a light lunch with an old friend, pet your dog intently, smile at everyone around you, dance like crazy when no one’s around, talk a walk, climb a mountain, be still for a moment — do whatever it is that fulfills your soul.

Whatever you do, remember, it doesn’t have to be fitness-related. It only has to make you feel whole.