Extreme ≠ Sustainable, part 2/5: Head North!

Unknown-2Where are you now? Tired, overweight, frustrated, overwhelmed, deconditioned? Where do you want to be? Focused, under control, energetic, conditioned, efficient? How do you get there? Consider a new approach, move more, eat well, recover often, love and be loved? Whatever you do, don’t look for shortcuts, learn from your mistakes and keep heading North!

North is where you want to be! Plan to walk there, it’s a long journey, so refuel along the way, you may jog at times, you’ll probably never sprint because the road doesn’t end. Make one decision at a time, consistent with where you want to be.

Along the way, you’ll see shortcuts to the East and West. They’ll sound good: lose weight quickly, take this pill and eat what you want, try “this” to avoid changing your lifestyle. Expect to head a little Northeast and a little Northwest but keep north. Avoid going South…go north! There aren’t any shortcuts, the quickest way to get there is North!

Extreme approaches are tempting because quick fixes are easier than lasting solutions. However, when we head East or West, we are choosing not to head North, where we want to be. Then, we end up running back South because it’s safe, familiar and comfortable, although we’re dissatisfied.

Avoid the extremes and keep heading North, one simple, sustainable decisions at a time. If you can’t continue making your next decision for the rest of your life (extreme diet/exercise, etc.), make a different one.

Extreme ≠ Sustainable, Part 1 of 5

UnknownNinety-eight percent of Americans fail to reach their Resolution goals each year. This statistic is not exclusive to the New Year either; we’re failing to become the best version of ourselves year round. But why? Do we lack intelligence? Are we stubborn? How is it our intentions so poorly align with the outcome of our desires?
There are a number of reasons why we’re falling short on our aspirations; but the mass offender is the extreme nature in which we engage just about anything.

There’s no such thing as losing weight at a realistic pace when you can lose 10 pounds in 10 days…forget why you put the weight on to begin with…just get it off now!!! Who cares that you’re using food as a form of self-medication to deal with the loss of a loved one, the lack of employment, a strained relationship, a negative self-image or anxiety. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, follow this simple diet and exercise protocol and everything will be fine.

***Sorry for the rant here, I’ve been serving the health and wellness community for 15 years now and it never has anything to do with the food or being lazy. That’s just a label we apply to those struggling. This healing process starts with empathy and compassion.

The problem with extremes, other than they are unsustainable, unenjoyable and unrealistic is they rely on linear solutions or quick fixes. They fail to address root causes, therefore, we spend lots of energy in the wrong places and end up short over and over.
How do we start addressing this dilemma? That’s a loaded question that deserves an individual answer from each of us but we can simply look to see if our Environment is in balance. What’s your quality of life with regards to Movement, Nourishment, Rest and Love/Support? If any of these buckets are lacking, it will be evident in your health and well-being.
Here’s our take at Condition for Life and our online program called the Revolution:
Movement – lead a Movement-Based Lifestyle, exercise if you want to
Nourishment – enjoy high quality, nourishing, whole foods that taste good
Rest – get plenty of it, you can’t fly if your overtired
Love – share time with those you love, be supportive of and supported by others
We are a byproduct of our Environment and when it’s in balance, we’re looking and feeling pretty good too. If you’re looking for a balance approach to sustainable vitality and wellness, check out our online Revolution or email me info@conditionforlife.com

Being “That” Person

smile-giveHave you ever been somewhere where you clearly remember “that” person? You know what I mean: the person who made the workout, reunion, or event more memorable?

How did “that” person do it? The chose to be present, to actively engage and care about the people around them. They made great eye contact and listened intently; they were courteous; they found the bright side in all topics; and they lead conversations with their values.

Are you “that” person? Can you be “that” person? I’m not suggesting that you be someone you’re not but stop for a moment and consider how many people you could impact by being “that” person. Think about how your actions could uplift your personal Community.

So many folks in our country are depressed, diseased, and distracted. The majority of us need “that” person to talk to as we are struggling and looking for connection to others.

Becoming “that” person is as easy as sharing your smile and asking someone how they are doing – and then listening for the answer. Make today a memorable day by giving it a try and starting what I call “that” chain reaction of Community. I’d love to hear how you did so please share below.

Damn, nailed it!

Nailed-ItThis post is dedicated to the ever-awesome Michael Cassalle, thanks for showing me how to live life efficiently!

When was the last time you woke up and nailed it? You know, woke up on the right side of the bed, moved through your morning with vigor and confidence, took your time and tasted and enjoyed eating, saw the glass three quarters full and gave people the benefit of the doubt, coasted into the evening not consumed by the day and gently wound down towards peaceful rest and recovery so you could do it again tomorrow.

The narrative above describes what it feels like to live life in a thriving state. Problem is, most of us have been living in survival mode for so long we may not feel it’s feasible to accomplish this.

Personally, having been on the other end, I can tell you it’s possible. It’s even probable if you’re willing to put the effort in. It’s not easy but it is worth it!

This change happens in your mind first. If you don’t think it’ll happen, it won’t. If you think it will, it will. See, your behaviors are a manifestation of your thoughts.

Thinking and acting in alignment with what you desire and deserve is all it takes. This is the premise of our interactive, online Revolution where we take a Mind-First Approach® to transforming our body’s, reclaiming our health and becoming leaders in our lives.

Remember, change happens in the mind first! If you’re ready for a Revolution in your life: www.conditionforlife.com/revolution, info@conditionforlife.com

A sure fire way to FAIL every time, guaranteed or your money back

vleTeF0So you’re on the bandwagon again, working towards losing weight, toning up, becoming more flexible or boosting performance. Next week you may be off the wagon and back on the following. Why the ups and downs? Maybe you’re a “P” …

Perfectionism is a sure fire way to meet failure time and again. You’re all in or all out, no cheat days or cheat every day, skipped a day start over Monday, emotional highs and lows, no gray area for you. What an exhausting process?!?!?!

When you hold yourself up against perfection, you’ll lose every time. You’ve got no margin; your plan relies on 100% adherence and has no buffer zone to enjoy life a lil. I’ve got a simple solution for you unless you want it to be difficult.

The opposite of perfect is called balance, which accounts for your human nature. Instead of 100/0, lets give 80/20 a try. Making the right choice 8 out of every 10 times will surely get you to your goal and keep you there.

The best way to defeat perfection is with patience and presence. Be mindful of your decisions and how you choose to use your 20%. Be patient and kind to yourself as you train your brain to balance as opposed to living at an extreme.

Keep in mind, if 20% becomes 30 or 40, you are probably more interested in reaching your goal than you are committed.

If a balanced approach sounds great but you’re unsure of how to apply, join our online Revolution which takes a Mind-First Approach® to transforming your body. We’ll teach you how to get your mind on your side and unlock lasting potential with a balanced lifestyle. conditionforlife.com/revolution or info@conditionforlife.com

Finding your Unique Balance

UnknownThere is no shortage of information pertaining to how to lose weight and get fit. If anything we are at the top of a haystack that keeps getting bigger. To add to the difficulty our tactics for dealing with all the information are going about it all wrong. The objective isn’t finding the RIGHT needle in the haystack. The objective is finding YOUR needle in the haystack. There is no magic one-size fits all recipe to success here. It’s completely unique to you. We must take into consideration the uniqueness of your environment, demands and individuality.

Finding a unique balance to your life will allow you to be the best version of yourself. This unique balance is more than a simple diet and exercise plan. It’s just as much about surrounding yourself with uplifting and supportive relationships as it is about the food we put in our mouth. It’s just as much about having some quality down time to recharge and reflect as it is about exercise and beads of sweat. It’s just as much about being loved and happy as it is about hard work and effort.

If there is imbalance in any of these variables there is a good chance it is going to be struggle for you to get to where you desire to be. If you do get to your goals with an imbalance occurring there’s a good chance it won’t stay that way for long. The idea is to find this unique balance for you to be successful day after day.

So remember, you are a bright shining star! You are that one-of-a-kind snowflake! The success of your journey to a happier healthier you is specifically attributed to that one point. Embrace it!

Guest Post by: Michael Cassalle – Lifestyle Curator

Adding to or taking from yourself?!

Unknown-1Life is full of choices. Do you go left or right? Up or down? Reinforce or redefine? I guess it all depends on your objective. Do you want to change or stay the same?

Think of each and every choice as an expense. How do you spend your choices? Are they strategic? Are they random? Are they consistent? Are they taking from you or adding to you?

When you make the choice to stay up late, eat on the run, skip an opportunity to move or delay an apology, your choices will take from you until you have nothing left. No margin = no happy L

When you make the choice to wind down and get to bed on time, prepare whole foods, move because it’s a God-given right and make amends now, your choices add to you until you have much to give. Margin = be happy J

Do you deserve to make choices that add to you? If so, and you are making them otherwise, there is a GAP which needs to be considered. Each choice takes from you or adds to you, it’s not about being perfect, 80/20 is my perfect, it’s about being worth it and behaving to become all you desire and deserve to be.

If you could use some extra “credits” to take you out of overdraft, join our online Revolution, where we take a Mind-First Approach® to transforming our body, reclaiming our health and becoming leaders in our lives. Learn to think and act in ways that add to you: conditionforlife.com/revolution or info@conditionforlife.com

More of your best and less of all the rest…

MAW-Being-YOU-1I’ve learned something that has helped me get ahead in life and I’d like to share it with you. And by ahead, I mean at peace with myself, which has improved every other aspect of my life.

I took a personality test (Kolbe.com) to determine my natural work style. It brought to the surface what I thrived in, what I didn’t and what types of people to surround myself with. So I decided to prove that test wrong.

Everything I wasn’t naturally good at is what I started applying. Within a week I was near a nervous breakdown. Tremors ran through my body, I took myself WAY out of my comfort zone and I went into survival mode. I hyper-stimulated the fight or flight mechanism which poured adrenaline and cortisol into my body, hence the reaction.

What I found is we’re designed to do more of what we’re good at and less of all the rest. I’m a dreamer, I have lots of ideas, I live in the future and I’m great at thinking creatively. Once I accepted that, I was able to surround myself with a team of people who were exceptional at everything I wasn’t.

Once I was in the midst of a great, well-balanced team, something strange happened. For the first time, I didn’t feel alone, I didn’t feel like I had to do it all, I felt like I could be myself and wouldn’t be judged for my insufficiencies.

I used my past failures as a learning opportunity and leveraged them to create a growth strategy for my life. It’s enhanced who, what and where I am today and it’s made my future a little brighter too.


I’ve created an online community called the Revolution, where we take a Mind-First Approach® to getting that fit and functional body we’ve always wanted. Mind-First is about getting our mind on our side and teaming up with others who naturally excel at the things we don’t. We are supportive of and supported by one another and the results speak for themselves. If you’re looking for a Revolution in your life, check us out: www.conditionforlife.com/revolution or email us info@conditionforlife.com

Your life on replay>replay>replay…

UnknownHave you ever noticed your life is on replay? You engage similar behaviors over and over and as a result, the same types of events repeat. You set a fitness goal, you struggle reaching it, you give up, repeat. You’re in a great spot with a loved one, you blow up, the dust settles, repeat. You’re vying for a work/life balance, you make some progress, get sucked back in, repeat. Our lives are on replay and when we choose, we can take a step back, look at the big picture and choose differently.

Our brains are hard-wired to find patterns and are rewarded for doing so. In other words, if you care to, you can see your role in a situation, creating a change potential. For instance, you’re trying to lose weight (desire), you try to change everything at once (tactic), it’s unrealistic and therefore unsustainable (strategy), your confidence takes a hit (shame), you give up to avoid feeling the pain of failing (survival) and eventually muster up the courage to try again (pattern). This is an exhausting and frustrating process and it only gets better once you realize you are the solution to it.

Realizing the deficits in your approach to anything are your best method of improving it, follow the ABC’s for repeatable success:

  • Awareness – Are you aware of the behaviors which are creating a negative reaction? #focushere
  • Belief – Do you believe you can make a change and are worth the effort? #iamenough
  • Change – What subtle, let me repeat, subtle change can you start making to improve results? #likepocketchangeitalladdsup

You can’t make C before A and B are understood and appreciated.

I’ve created an online program called the Revolution because I became frustrated when I realized my intentions didn’t align with my desired outcome. When Intentions ≠ Outcome = 🙁 We take a Mind-First Approach® to Transforming our Body’s, Reclaiming our Health and Becoming Leaders in our Lives. We’re looking for Game Changers, anyone who’s struggled to reach a goal, hasn’t given up and is ready for a fresh, strategic approach to making sustainable change and transforming their quality of life. Check us out: conditionforlife.com/revolution or email info@conditionforlife.com

Running into your past

54b93dd9ff0733538bc5a47a8362e405If you’re trying to reach a goal you’ve previously been unable to reach, run to you past. If you’re trying save time and work smarter, run to your past. If you’re planning to enjoy the next twenty years more than the last twenty, run to your past.

When you run to your past, expect to encounter all your fears, failures and painful memories. Embrace your past and learn from it; learn what worked and what didn’t, learn which choices limited and affirmed you, learn what made you happy and do more of that. Leverage your shortcomings as wisdom going forward.

If this concept is a little hard to swallow, you haven’t met me yet. I can’t help but hear a problem without immediately starting to think about the solution. How else can do you expect to transform fears into bravery, failure into triumph and pain into contentment. Otherwise, it was all pain and no gain.

Our past is a blessing, in disguise or not is TBD but a learning opportunity nonetheless.

Thank you for reading my blog posts, I really appreciate it. If you’re interested, I’ve created an interactive, online solution for everyone who has struggled to reach a health, fitness and wellness goal. We take a strategic Mind-First Approach® to reaching our goals in a sustainable way. If I told you our members were transforming beyond belief, it’d be an understatement. If you’d like more info, check us out at conditionforlife.com/revolution or email me at info@conditionforlife.com.