Success Strategy: Give Me a Present of Presence

braindumpI’ve been serving people for 15 years and in the most recent years, I’m seeing why people don’t change. For one, it’s scary as all hell to change anything. In fact, in the short term, change is much harder and more stressful than staying the same. However, there is one trait required which precedes all change: PRESENCE. That’s right, if you’re not present in your own thought life, it’s unlikely you’ll change anything sustainably. But with all the “stuff” wandering in our heads, finding presence may seem more like wishful thinking.

First things first, put your goals aside for just a second. Lets focus on the presence necessary to reaching your goals. The difficulty in becoming present is prying our way into a brain that’s already at full capacity. So lets intentionally let some of it go.

INTERACTIVE ACTIVITY – This is your first step towards changing something.

Take 6 minutes in a quiet place, close your eyes, and take your first minute to relax, breathe slowly and thoroughly through your nose. Then, for your next five, allow any/every thought, feeling or emotion that enters your awareness to make itself onto a blank sheet of paper. Don’t question its significance, just write it down. You’ll find what’s top of mind are mostly urgent matters…ones that exist because the most important things are not being taken care of.

Once you perform this “brain dump,” you create space for important things to surface. Those things are the matters that matter most and deserve your focused attention. Be aware, the urgencies will try to grab your attention; it’s a trap. Tackling what’s important IS the first step towards reaching your goals. You may need to organize your finances in order to lose weight. You may need to resolve a conflict before toning up. This is NOT linear thinking BUT it is appreciative of YOU as an interconnected Body, Mind and Spirit.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Even Albert Einstein encourages us to be present, which says a lot since he’s the first guy who had the “light” go on. Too funny, I’m here all weekend! 🙂

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Success Strategy: Integrating vs. Isolating

friendship_quoteWhen life throws a curve ball, what’s your strategy? Do you isolate yourself and just hope it will pass or try to fix it alone? Or do you integrate into a support system you’ve built around yourself and allow others to offer their insight? I’m finding this is completely individual and has much to do with how we were raised and what our parents did. In my experience, I’ve tried the isolation thing but realized integration and relying on others is a more powerful and sustainable strategy.

In my talks with clients who used to isolate, one of their biggest drivers was pride. They were concerned if they shared their struggles that others would think they are weak. However, once they crossover (not dying, integrating), they found their friends had a slightly different perspective that created a new outlook and a more constructive approach to fixing it. It’s VERY important you share with the right people, those who care for you and have your best interests in mind. The right people will listen intently, ask questions and offer feedback. They may even challenge you to be accountable to the situation. My friends, that’s a good friend!

Next road bump, try integrating, share the load and focus on the solution more than the problem.

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Positioning Yourself for Success

Screen-shot-2012-01-19-at-9.31.28-PMBefore anything, children learn their ABC’s and 123’s because they are the foundation for a lifetime of learning. Minus mastery of the fundamentals, setbacks and disappointment are inevitable. The same goes for working out.

Every other fitness article promotes Tabata, HIIT or Insanity-style workouts; meanwhile, lower back pain is the number one disability in the world. When I see a high capacity for exercise with a low capacity for foundational movement and comfort—there’s a huge disconnect for me.

The majority of people, including youth, are not conditioned for a heavy dose of these intense workouts. These routines literally take us from our ABC’s of movement to our XYZ’s of exercise, with very little, if any time spent properly progressing. It’s like sending a child from 2nd to 5th grade…they’re not being positioned for success.
The human body is beyond sophisticated, not to mention, it has a built-in survival mechanism. One of my favorite features is the Mind-Body connection, how the mind and body have their own unique morse code to communicate effectively. Take a listen to what your body is saying in the midst of one of these workouts. The message typically sounds like: STOP!

Listen, I get it, these workouts are as sexy as a Crossfitter half dressed, BUT more than your need for exercise is your need to move. Preferably, to move with comfort and ease. When I see quality movement exchanged for quantity and your threshold is surpassed, your body detects your workout as a threat and the results are predictable over time. What good is the heavy weight you can lift when you just threw your back out turning the wrong way? It’s completely different when you’re adequately prepared and you understand how to balance the intensity scale but lets be honest, the proof is in the pudding.

Next workout, try returning to the basics of squatting, lunging, pushing, pressing and pulling and play with variables like speed, range of motion and plane of motion and stay there for a couple weeks. Allow your body to adjust to your routine. Remember, muscles adapt very quickly to workouts but tendons and ligaments adapt at a much slower rate as they don’t receive the same blood supply. It’s a little cliche but you gotta work smart to sustainably work hard.

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Success Strategy: Rational vs. Emotional

If I got a dollar for every time I heard: “I know what to do, I just don’t do it.” So rationally speaking, you know what to do but emotionally speaking, it’s hard to implement, right? Here’s the key: you have to be present in the moment you are about to make an irrational decision, one that interferes with where you want to be.
What’s driving you to act inconsistent with your ideal self? Anxiety, frustration, guilt, anger, joy? Here’s the strategy: once the emotional driver is recognized, ask yourself, is what I’m about to do going to get me to where I want to be or keep me where I am? You have to argue with yourself — it’s OK, do it. Your emotions are much stronger than your rational mind, especially in times of stress. Every time you give in, your confidence drops with it and every time you stand up, your confidence elevates. When you align your emotions with your rational mind, you’ll be unstoppable. But you gotta believe!

Success Strategy: Instant Gratification vs. Long-Term Satisfaction

Are you whereasye you want to be in life? The choices you make each and every day either move you closer or further from where we want to be. Typically, choices that instantly gratify you delay your ability to experience long-term satisfaction. Choices in the “now” feel good because they are certain and comfortable. Makings choices now for our future selves feel uncertain and uncomfortable. This is why change is so hard because we’re betting on a future we can’t predict and there’s a chance we could be wrong and a possibility we’ll feel like a failure. But in all honesty, if you’re dissatisfied with your current status, it seems the certainty of today’s choices are creating a future you’ll certainly be disappointed with as well. The power of choice creates the possibility of change. Rock on!

Success Strategy: Being vs Doing

bedoYou wake up, you get that feeling of “ugh”, I have so much to do today. Deep down you know you’ll never get it all done. In essence, you feel insufficient and guilty at the very start of your day. Is this how we’re supposed to live our lives? Last I checked, we are human beings, not human doings. I’m pretty sure the manual for “Leading a Meaningful Life” has little to do with overwhelming ourselves with tasks that even if completed, don’t change very much. If this is you, by the way, you should know it’s most of us.

So what’s a good success strategy here? Let me suggest what I call a brain dump. Getting it all out and working from a clean slate.

Grab a journal or sheet of paper. And, please don’t tell me you’re not the “journaling type”; if you have thoughts, you are that “type” and you are worth learning how to get your thoughts on paper. Take yourself to a quiet place in your home or office, close your eyes and start to breathe through your nose (because it slows you down) and allow thoughts to come to mind. As they do, write them down, let them go and see what happens. Continue returning to nose breathing with your eyes closed after you jot each thought. I’m confident you’ll start to create space for what your mind and body are really trying to tell you. I perform this exercise once per week. Most recently, I found out my right hip was aching, which I actually hadn’t realized until my brain was empty. This process also reminded me of what I’m truly passionate about and what’s important to me.

Finally, you can be completely confident there is absolutely no way to botch this; it is always right because it’s an individual experience. Don’t be afraid to try!

I would be honored if you shared what’s important to you after you’ve emptied all the stuff out. Please comment below or email me at Be well.

Success Strategy: Action…Reaction…Learn

latherrinserepeat2So you’re trying to lose a few pounds or tighten up the areas where gravity has taken over. You have two choices: behave yourself consistent or inconsistent with those goals. Regardless of the choice you make, look at the reaction to your action. If you like what you see, repeat. If you don’t like what you see, learn by connecting the dots and realize your action didn’t create the desirable reaction.

This gap creates an opportunity to make better choices. If you do the right thing but don’t get the right result, don’t abandon ship. Tweak your strategy and keep on moving forward.

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Success Strategy: Loving vs. Living

loveselffirstWhen you think of yourself affirmatively and act constructively, you’re LOVING yourself. When you think of yourself critically and act protectively, you are LIVING but not LOVING yourself.

Are you where you want to be in your life? If not, no worries; it’s great you have the awareness you aren’t where you want to be. May I suggest a strategy of LOVE to get you there? When you LOVE yourself, you think highly of yourself and you pair it with reinforcing behaviors. When you get there, you deserve to stay there because you LOVED yourself through the process.

98% of us don’t reach our resolution goals and we’ve discovered it has so much less to do with diet and exercise than we once thought. Our members, who are finally reaching their goals, have realized losing weight and getting fit has something to do with movement and nourishment and everything to do with love for oneself.

Loving yourself is seeing the good in yourself, appreciating your individuality and is the only strategy that offers sustainability and significance. Check us out and join us if you so desire:

Success Strategy: What vs Why

lifeWhen it comes to anything health and fitness related, we assume we know WHAT to do: diet and exercise, of course. This assumption suggests your needs are predominantly physical. I disagree.

Moving and nourishing yourself is VERY important, but often not the first thing you need to focus on. I’m more interested in WHY you haven’t been able to do it. You’re not lazy, demotivated or undisciplined…those are labels we use to justify our behaviors. You know the saying: I know WHAT to do, I just don’t do it. Lets tweak that phrase a bit: I know WHAT to do, I’m trying to figure out WHY I’m not doing it. This enhanced statement works because your focus has switched from problem to solution. Spoiler alert: Your WHY is directly tied to your perception of your self-worth. You may not feel you’re worth the effort and if you do, your behaviors say otherwise. As you can see, reaching our health and fitness goals has much more to do with our mental capacity than it does our physical one…at least at first. Know WHY you’re doing WHAT you’re doing!

Our current approach to health and fitness leaves a staggering 98% of us defeated, never reaching or sustaining our goals. WHY is exactly the question to start with. The 2% of people who do succeed have no advantage other than they know their WHY. Our whole company is dedicated to helping you find yours. Once equipped with your WHY, you will be empowered to transform your body and become a leader in your own life. Check us out:

Success Strategy: Awareness vs Mindless

James_Thurbur_Quote_AwarenessBefore you do anything, you first think about it. If you’re unaware you think before you act, that is something you want to think about 🙂 Our mind is consciously and subconsciously filled with one of two types of thoughts: limiting and affirming. Limiting thoughts lead to protective behaviors which cause you to stay the same (which is fine if that’s your intent). Affirming thoughts lead to supportive behaviors which promote change towards who you want to be. Awareness that you can choose to think differently should start with an affirming thought: I am worth affirmative thinking!

Niney-eight percent of us strive to lose weight and get in shape year after year with no sustainable evidence. And only 2% of us actually manage to achieve and maintain our goals. At Condition for Life, we’ve found most people who struggle here possess more limiting thoughts than affirmative ones…which is a choice most of us are unaware of. We’ve discovered our bodies are actually a manifestation of our thoughts.

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