Top 5 Reasons You Haven’t Reached Your Fitness Goals…Yet!

staycommitteedWhen it comes to reaching just about any fitness goal, we tend to engage a simple protocol: diet and exercise. Taking this approach suggests your needs are primarily physical and it lacks the sophistication to transform you as a whole person: body, mind and spirit.

Having served the wellness community for 15 years, here are the Top 5 reasons I’ve seen people can’t reach their goals and it has nothing to do with diet and exercise:
1. Looking in all the wrong places – they are looking for a pill, program or procedure to fix their problem
2. Lifestyle in disarray – they are always putting out fires, reacting instead of responding to life
3. Lack quantity/quality sleep – they start each day in survival mode, exhausted and just getting by
4. Unsupportive environment – there are relational issues and tension that add lots of emotional baggage
5. Sedentary lifestyle – they lack healthy, nourishing movement and activity, which is different than exercise
Diet and exercise is the protocol of choice because it’s what we’re familiar with, not necessarily what we need. Big difference.
When there are “rocks” in our life like the ones above, we need to realize that diet and exercise can never satisfy those needs. It’s not wrong, it just is.
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WHY is More Than a 3 Letter Word

why-what-how-texturedPeople come to me for a body fix, their mind typically holds them back and their spirit suffers. Fixing the body is not the same as fixing matters of the mind and spirit…although they are interconnected.

I have a client who’s been struggling to lose 25 pounds. Through a year of ups and downs and constantly refocusing and recalibrating, the weight is starting to come off…but not for the reasons you may think.

We sat down for our “check-in” last month and had a really honest conversation about “what’s going on”. The mental and emotional baggage she was carrying far outweighed the physical weight she had to lose.

As she helped me better understand her “big rocks”, we were able to put together a conditioning plan that went far beyond the body. We co-created a plan that conditioned her for her life by addressing both the personal and professional “issues” keeping her from reaching her full potential. Having a difficult conversation with a coworker is much harder than a really difficult SPIN class but the results are far more transformational and liberating.

Addressing a few key areas in her life has already started facilitating weight loss and we haven’t changed her workout or eating habits whatsoever. When the body’s fundamental needs for life’s balance are not met, wants like weight loss and toning cannot be sustainably met. As with any relationship, needs before wants!

This reminds me of the importance of getting to the WHY. We typically know WHAT we want to do but not WHY we want to do it. Your WHY defines your purpose and your passion. We have difficulty focusing on it because it comes from our spirit, deep inside of us, and in a fast-pace world, it’s convenient and sometimes preferable to avoid thinking critically and deeply about ourselves. Sometimes we’re scared of what we may discover…

There are not many guarantees in life but this one is certain: taking the time to focus on and discover your WHY will offer a massive return on investment of time spent because it will add meaning to who you are, what you do and how you do it. I encourage you to find and live your WHY!

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LOVE Conquers All

dalailoveHave you ever tried applying love to a challenge you’re facing?Can’t lose weight? Love yourself! Can’t get along with your spouse? Love yourself! Can’t get your finances in order? Love yourself! Challenges + Love = Possibilities.

t’s not enough to say “I love myself.” Your brain only knows what you mean when you act with love towards yourself. Love takes root with application. Action + Love = Probabilities.

Love breaks boundaries. It defines its own space. It redefines your self-worth. It frees you to become who you deserve to be. Love is a game changer. Belief + Love = Potential

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Wanting vs. Wishing vs. Making it Happen

makeithappenWe all have desires, that deep yearning to achieve something fulfilling. Many of us have desires we believe could never come to pass. There is an evolution of bringing our desires into our own reality:
Wanting it to happen
I want to lose 20 pounds. I want start working out. I want to read more, eat better and stop drinking so much coffee. Wanting and not pursuing suggests we cannot have what we want.
Wishing it would happen
I wish I would hit the lottery. I wish for a job that offers 3 months vacation. I wish for a day where life is easy. Wishing paints fluffy clouds in a blue sky completely out of our reach.
Making it happen
I’m in the best shape of my life at 50. I worked smart and retired early. I hiked Mount Kilimanjaro. I took a mindfulness course to learn how to manage my stress better. I created a life for myself that feels like I hit the lottery.
Once we realize wanting and wishing is passive form of living, it empowers us to take action and make it happen!
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Giving Energy to Solutions, not Problems

great-solutions-need-great-problemsHave you ever considered the amount of energy you give to your problems? If you’re thinking about them, worrying about them or talking about them, you are exhausting resources you can never get back. 

Resources, according to Wikipedia are a source or supply from which benefit is produced. Although, the benefit is tied to how you spend your resources. Two resources we spend everyday are time and money. You can spend money and make it back but you can never take back the time you spend. So choose wisely…

How do you spend your time? Do you give more energy to: 
1. Thinking about your problems and the Worst Case Scenario OR 
2. Thinking about solutions to your problems and the Best Possible Outcome? 
It takes no more energy to think constructively as opposed to destructively…it’s a matter of awareness and mindset.

Do you realize what would happen once you’re mindset is switched towards problem solving instead of playing victim? You would mostly likely solve your problems ON YOUR OWN and then make yourself available to help other people with their problems. Stewardship is a GIFT.

So how do I start giving more time to the solutions of my problems?

Putting pen to paper brings your problem out of the darkness of your mind and shines a spotlight on it…ready to be figured out.

Draw a line down the center, Worst Case Scenario goes on the LEFT and Best Possible Outcome goes on the RIGHT…start jotting the chain reaction of events.

Decide which side of the page you’re going to pursue…which side will give you the best return on your investment of time spent?

Jot down the first 3 action steps to solving your problem…THEN TAKE ACTION!

Assess the reaction to your actions and progress and / or tweak your plan. Plan for setbacks and have a plan B.

This is an incredibly difficult task to perform. As Steven Pressfield puts it, be ready to combat Resistance. As Seth Godin puts it, be ready to push through the Dip. As Brene Brown puts it, be ready to face uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure. This will not be easy but it will be worth it.

You’ve likely been making the decisions you have because they were easier than the alternative…to an extent. Giving energy to your problems follows the path of least resistance, which leads to frustration, discontentment and feelings of hopelessness. Giving energy to solutions charges into the path of most resistance BUT offers encouragement, contentment and feelings of empowerment.

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If You Only Knew What a Hug Could Do

hugsWe are a culture with distraction built into it. We don’t have time for most anything, let alone ourselves. We can easily get lost in the mix of life and end up feeling isolated. 

The biggest problem with rolling “solo” in life is we are hyper-social creatures, biologically designed for connection. The lack of it can lead to feelings of stress and tension, stimulated by cortisol, our fight or flight reflex. This can further manifest as aches and pains, headaches and stiffness. 

You won’t have to look very far to see someone in need of some TLC. Surely you’ve heard the expression that actions speak louder than words. Simply extending a HUG to someone releases oxytocin, a neurotransmitter that acts like a hormone and it can literally melt their stresses away. It’s released when we feel safe and connected and leads to feelings of relaxation and contentment. 

The even better news is not only does the person receiving the hug get a shot of oxytocin but so does the giver…win/win! More often than not, we needed that hug just as much as they did.

Having served the fitness industry for 15 years, I’ve observed many people who believe they are their own worst enemy and biggest critic. When I hear this, it’s clear we need to appoint a new president to their own fan club. In other words, they need to be their own cheerleader, let up on the reigns, be their own solution, and they need to give themselves a big hug.

When we give ourselves a hug and befriend ourselves, we give ourselves a dose of oxytocin, which by the way stimulates generosity, compassion and forgiveness. These feelings seem perfectly suited for the holidays and is probably the best gift you can extend to your friends and family this season. 

Decisions like giving a hug clearly have a chain reaction affect on everyone around you. Continue making decisions that impact your life and be generous with yourself this January. Join Condition for Life to take a Mind-First Approach and exchange your New Year’s Resolution for a Revolution where you’ll learn how to get your mind on your side (be your own hugger) and watch it transform your body, mind and spirit. Join the Revolution:


Take a Look at Yourself and Then Make the Change

mjmirrorYou never need to go much further than a mirror for a reality check. The bags under our eyes, the frowning face, the absence of liveliness, etc. When we look in the mirror, it always matches what we feel on the inside.

What do you see? Do you like it? What would you change about it? Can you make the change yourself or are you looking for a pill, product or procedure to take care of it for you?

Sadly, we live in a world full of linear solutions that instantly gratify us but come at a huge cost aimed at our quality of life.
– Why sleep when you can live on coffee and energy drinks?
– Why try to improve your situation before your doctor says you have a disease?
– Why prepare home-cooked, nourishing foods ahead of time when you can grab something on the go?
– Why go for a walk and enjoy being active when you can use intense exercise as a means to an end?
– Why pick up the phone to say you’re sorry when you can simply avoid that person and hold a grudge?

Yep, our culture offers lots of ways to avoid becoming our own solution and sweeping our struggles under the carpet. Even the King of Pop, who he himself had his own issues (no different than anyone else) intuitively knew the answer: “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make the change.”

How about this year, don’t change yourself ONLY for yourself, let those around you be inspired and encouraged by you and let your change be the cause of a chain reaction.
– Imagine looking in the mirror and deciding to take matters into your own hands…
– Imagine what happens when you stop hitting the snooze button for a year…
– Imagine what happens when you simply said you were sorry…
– Imagine being prepared for your next event without having to go on a crazy diet and workout routine…
– Imagine being your own source of motivation and accountability…

Yep, we are certainly capable of having more solutions than problems. Little ole’ us can be a change that’s seen, felt and heard in the world. It all starts with YOU and a mirror….make the change!

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believeIt’s that time of year: the New Year! A chance to hit the reset button and wipe the slate clean. You can’t help but get a little excited about the prospect of what “could be” this year. You’re convinced with a little focused effort, you can do it.

One thought on most of our minds is bettering our health and well-being. We feel compelled to start working out, eating better, drinking more water, getting more sleep, reading more, spending more time with friends/family — the list goes on and on. This self imposed list of to-do’s can become an overwhelming challenge to live up to.

The problem we often have though, much bigger than the list, are the self-limiting beliefs keeping us from reaching our full potential. With a lack of faith in ourselves, it’s near impossible to achieve anything, including taking better care of ourselves.

Joyce Meyer says: “If you don’t learn how to control your thoughts, you will never learn how to control your behavior.”

Why are so many of us unsure of ourselves? Where does it come from? Is it upbringing, culture, environment, experiences, genetics? YES! It’s all of the above. Some of us spend our whole lives searching for the WHYs and some form of closure. However, the energy we spend searching for answers could also be spent creating solutions.

Envision where you are today and let’s call that your Current Status.

Envision where you’d like to be and let’s call that your Preferred Status.

Now, let’s look at the space between your Current and Preferred Status. And let’s call that the GAP (change/resistance/unknowns)

The GAP between your Current and Preferred Status can be a daunting place to visit. When we step into the GAP, we come face to face with our fears, failures, emotions, thoughts, perceptions and it’s tempting to turn and walk, or actually sprint away. The GAP is your path of most resistance BUT you must go through it to reach your Preferred Status.

Think of how it would feel to breakthrough, the strength and resilience you’d develop conquering the GAP and how that would carryover into every aspect of your life. Exhilarating and intimidating all at once, right? Those are feelings you will experience during the change process. It’s why so many people fail, we have poorly managed expectations.

No one can predict what will happen when you enter the GAP. However, one thing is certain, you must walk in with the conviction you are going to breakthrough. In other words, you must believe in yourself. However, faith without works is a dead end. Meaning, pair your thoughts with constructive actions.

Takeaway: It starts with a vision, it runs on vulnerability and it ends in victory…when you believe.


Starting this January, our Condition for Life community is going to breakthrough the GAP together. There is power in numbers. It’s possible alone and probable with a community that support your efforts. Join the New Year’s REVOLUTION to take a Mind-First Approach to Transforming your Body and Leading your Life:


Loving Yourself is Living Your Life

loveI’ve been serving the fitness community for 15 years now. I’m especially looking forward to the next 15 because I’m wiser now than I was back then. If I only knew then what I know now…..I would have spent less time training their bodies and more time conditioning their minds and spirits. 
People come to me for the body, their mind holds them back and their spirit suffers. There are a variety of reasons people don’t reach their goals but I’ve come to find the biggest reason is a lack of self-worth. When you don’t believe in yourself, it’s really hard to do anything sustainably, let alone workout.
You’ve heard the saying, people come into your life for a reason, season or a lifetime. I’ve got my own take on this, people seek me out for a reason, stay for a season and I position them for sustainable success for a lifetime. I do this by helping them:
– Get their mind on their side
– Become self-motivated and self-accountable
– Create purpose within their “fitness” program
– Develop a healthy relationship failure and setbacks
– Lead a productive vs. busy life
– Manage realistic expectations
– Move their bodies really well
I’m not there to beat them up with a hard workout. There’s truly no skill in doing that. I’m there to make them better. I want them to be better in every role they serve: spouse, sibling, parent, coworker, boss, friend, you name it. If I only knew back then that fitness programs were truly a platform for personal transformation of the body, mind and spirit, I would have focused more energy on showing my clients how to love themselves into living their life.
Tonight I’m hosting a short, free webinar to promote an online program I’ve created to do exactly what’s discussed above. If you can’t join me live, we will send out the recorded version to all who register. If you’re ready to exchange your New Year’s Resolution and who you are today for a Revolution to reach your fullest potential, please take 15 seconds to register and I’ll send you all the details:
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Grabbing the Bull by the Horns

bullYou’ve probably heard of the expression “grabbing the bull by the horns”. It’s an exchange statement, filled with action, replacing what is for what could be. It’s only possible when you fundamentally believe you’re worth the effort, deserve the reward and willing to fail forward.

Taking the bull (resistance) by the horns may look like this:
-Getting physical vs. giving into a sedentary lifestyle
-Taking sovereign control of your life vs. pointing the finger
-Getting plenty of rest vs. crushing coffee or energy drinks
-Communicating clearly vs. beating around the bush
-Choosing foods that fuel you vs. inflame you
-Tackling your fears vs. letting them control you
-Cleaning up after yourself vs. living in disarray
-Having that tough conversation vs. path of least resistance
-Being a friend vs. talking about being a friend
-Encouraging others as a source of self-encouragement
-Embracing your bull and fighting for your life
-Taking matters into your own hands vs. someone doing it for you

When your realize your current status is nowhere near your preferred status and you take action consistent with your values/ideals you are in fact grabbing “your” bull by the horns.

In just two days, on December 17 @ 7pm EST, come grab your bull by the horns, take actions consistent with your values, transform your body and lead the life you’ve always been scared to pursue but know you deserve. Michael Rizk is hosting a free, 30 minute webinar where he’ll discuss taking a Mind-First Approach™ to Transforming your Body…and Leading your Life.

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