Take Advantage of Your Friends

That old feel good song “Lean on Me” is all about relying on your friends and working as a team to help get through life. We all know that great friends are trustworthy and offer a level of certainty that makes us feel comfortable enough to depend on them. Ironically, you can look to the human body to see a great example of this.

c4l2109The movement system of the body is made up of over 600 muscles and 200 bones and millions of nerves.  All of these structures share one critical purpose: to create and control movement.  While individually they each have different functions, together they act as friends to create successful movement by relying on each other to do their part.

We’re taught from a young age that the body is made up of P-A-R-T-S, and while this is true, we’re not reminded the body still operates as a WHOLE. In typical fitness programs, we’re taught how to train our arms, our legs and our core as isolated parts of the body.  But consider this: When do you ever use just your arms or legs in “real life” without integrating your core?  The answer is never. When we move, all parts of the body work together to accomplish the task at hand – just exactly how you rely on good friends to help you get through every day life.